In the early '90s I did some concert photography for the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, and was then asked to do some work on their newsletter. Jimmy Ibbotson (vocals, bass, mandolin, guitar) had me design his first three solo CDs. (You'd recognize Ibby's voice - whether you're a country fan that remembers "Fishin' in the Dark," or an older Top 40 fan who heard "House at Pooh Corner" or "Some of Shelly's Blues" coming out of an AM radio.) Ibby was writing a weekly column for his website, telling stories about his adventures on the road, living in Colorado, trying to stop smoking, and general philosophies on life. He wanted to release the songs that he wrote around that time as an audio companion to his Internet stories. There are clues to several of his stories in the cover art (including the photo I took of him wearing fishing waders and a miner's cap, surrounded by the dark background of the old fish screensaver - i.e., "Fishin' in the Dark"). This cassette was later released on CD, with the design reformatted.

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